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  • Zhongdi LED It is a collection of research and development, production, A professional company that integrates brand and sales, Zhongdi LED Affiliated to the important resource sector of Didong Group, It is also one of the platforms that Didong Group is striving to build, Since its establishment, Zhongdi has been committed to forging a new benchmark in the global display industry. therefore, In brand positioning, Research and development creativity, Product Material Selection, Production process, On site construction, Service standards, Product maintenance, The after-sales tracking and other aspects have already broken through the current situation to the extreme, Gathered into the Zhongdi Service Big Model.
    Zhongdi always drives development through innovation, Continuously breaking through technological barriers, Realize product innovation, To meet the higher requirements of customers, Drive industry development, Always adhere to the development goals of global display infrastructure, Promote open cooperation, Expanding overseas to achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcomes, Always adhere to the integration of technology and culture for development, Empowering the cultural industry with technology, Comprehensively layout the era of big culture.

    Zhongdi LED Adhering to the principle that products are life, The concept that service is the continuation of life, While establishing a large service model, we strictly control product quality, Production process, Each module produced by Zhongdi undergoes strict requirements and testing standards, We are well aware that strictly adhering to the process is to reduce costs for customers, It will reduce the rework rate on the project site.

    China LED Industry as a global leader, Zhongdi always believes that in the Chinese market, only product quality can earn respect, Winning the market with services. Zhongdi has always adhered to the cause of not being solely promoted by us, Protecting the market by adhering to the principle of preferring solitude over action.
    Both Zhongdi's core operations team and R&D team have 10 Years or more LED Experience in the Display Screen Industry, We have the wisdom and ability to become LED Creators of advanced products in the display industry. Zhongdi positioning LED Display new industry benchmarks, LED of OEM, ODM The OEM chief, And towards the display of major infrastructure 2. 0 The overall solution supplier's goal in the creative era is to forge ahead.


    Company advantages

    • Compliance Management Industry Area

    • Experienced practitioners

    • Enrich management practice

    • Strict management process


    Cooperative brand customers